Yankee Candles Burning Times

Yankee Candles - Long Lasting Fragrances

Yankee Candles Burning Times?

Please note that the burning times given below for Yankee Candles are approximate and factors like where you are burning them, how you store and light the candle can have an affect on the burn time.

Burn Time
Housewarmer Jars
Large Jar 110-150 hours
Medium Jar 65-90 hours
Small Jar 25-40 hours
Large Tumbler 70-90 hours
Medium Tumbler 40-50 hours
Regular Tumbler 35-50 hours
Large up to 140 hours
Medium up to 90 hours
Small up to 40 hours
Votive Candles up to 15 hours
Tealights up to 6 hours
Wax Melts 8 hours


For candles such as the Samplers burning time is given on the assumption that the candles are burned in appropriate holders.